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About Us

The Stygofauna & Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Specialists

StygoEcologia is a specialist consultancy that provides expertise in surface and groundwater biology including riverine, wetland and subterranean ecosystem assessment including Stygofauna and other Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems or GDEs.

Our services include: species level identification, taxonomy, and systematics of aquatic and terrestrial crustaceans, molluscs, and insects; biological survey and monitoring; environmental risk assessment and management of groundwater ecosystems. We are dedicated to listening to and fulfilling our client's needs, developing long term relationships in industry and the community by providing timely and effective outcomes.

Subterranean water occurring in aquifers constitutes approximately 97% of all the unfrozen freshwater reserves on earth and sustains a remarkable diversity of ecosystems and species. These ecosystems occur from the sub–polar regions to the equator, from mountain ranges to below sea level and are the largest, and possibly, most diverse of all freshwater ecosystems. The study of groundwater biology is a rapidly burgeoning field in Australia and global freshwater science that is being used to effectively describe, understand and manage groundwater resources for the benefit of society and the environment. This growing interest can be clearly seen by recent Federal and State government programmes that recognise the importance of groundwater ecosystems.

At StygoEcologia, our aim is to achieve a balance between conservation of our unique aquatic ecosystems and supporting development through Sustainable Management and Education. We achieve this by working in partnership with industry, universities, government and the wider community.

We pride ourselves on fast, reliable, personalised and confidential services at competitive rates. Our staff includes highly experienced professionals who each have over 25 years' experience in their fields and have previously worked for many of Australia's and America's leading scientific institutions and governments. We are fully equipped to conduct biodiversity field surveys and assessments of groundwater, surface freshwater, marine and terrestrial environments throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.