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The Stygofauna & Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Specialist

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  • GDEs

    Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems are those ecosystems that have their species composition, ecological processes and survival, determined by the presence and quality of groundwater

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  • Troglofauna

    Troglofauna are the specialised invertebrate terrestrial (air breathing) fauna of caves.

    They are highly adapted to living in perpetual darkness, high humidity and are usually highly endemic.

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  • Stygofauna

    Aquifers and caves support a complex biodiversity of aquatic invertebrates called "Stygofauna".

    These are specialised organisms with ancient heritages that inhabit groundwater environments.

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  • Base Flow Rivers

    Hyporheic faunas are highly evolved invertebrates that live within the stream bed.

    This is the transition zone between surface and groundwater environments.

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  • Short Range Endemics

    Short Range endemic species are invertebrates that have naturally small distributions of less than 1,000 km².

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  • Aquatic Management

    Land and water use activities which impact on Aquatic Ecosystems are required to be managed within a regulatory and licensing framework.

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